1983 Suzuki GS850GL

looks rough, runs great. 40K miles.

Winter special only $1488
Buy it before I change my mind and decide to keep it.  its a fun bike.
Easy handling, plenty of power.
Runs flawlessly. Everything works. Drive it home today!
top end rebuild with headwork done at around 32K
ATK fork brace, 3-point case guards
Handlebar sourced from Honda CB750C Ltd; 
(more comfortable than those horrid OEM pullbacks)

inspected thru November 2022

service notes as of 12/10/21:

Recent inspection to 11/22.  new inspection sticker is not in the photos.

Headlight and tail light shut-off switches installed  (the 2 rocker switches on the left sidepanel)

JBweld at cylinder base on left side was due to a leaky base gasket.  no more leaks. highway tested.

clutch ignition cut-off switch removed  and bypassed to allow one-hand start up

grab rail sourced from 1982 GS650GL




Working on, ready soon:

1980 KZ550A
1972 CB450


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